One Prevention Alliance

"We Are One Community"

About Us:

One Prevention Alliance is a community coalition of dedicated volunteers who are working to reduce and prevention substance abuse by supporting a vision of, "Healthy Youth, Successful Families, and a Supportive Community." We can prevent substance abuse and reach this vision by increasing the health and well-being of our youth, parents and community members of the Stevenson-Carson School District through education, intervention and outreach.


The coalition is made up of 12 Sector Representatives and community members that meet on a monthly basis to plan events, create educational opportunities for parents and youth, support school functions and allocate funding. The three main areas of focus are Alcohol Prevention, Marijuana Prevention and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.

One Prevention Alliance is also part of the statewide Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative. This initiative provides structure, leadership and funding from the Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery. This structure follows a format of evidence-based practices through direct programs and community wide strategies to support youth and families being healthy and drug-free.

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Increase the health and well-being of the youth, parents, and community members of the Stevenson-Carson School District by reducing and preventing drug and alcohol use through education, intervention and outreach.


We have a vision of Healthy Youth, Successful Families and a Supportive Community.

Prevention Science:

One Prevention Alliance utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
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